Evolution Chiropractic’s Interview

John Stanley

John Stanley

Born and raised in Greenwich, Connecticut

We sat down for an interview with Dr. Carlin, of Evolution Chiropractic located in Danbury, Connecticut.  Evolution Chiropractic of Danbury has been helping the City of Danbury and its residents for years.  Our interview quickly changed from our normal Q&A style to an interesting and intriguing conversation, because Dr. Carlin’s approach to chiropractic is much different than most chiropractors we’ve interviewed in the past.  

evolution chiropratic of danbury
Dr. Shawn Carlin

Why start a Chiropractic Clinic?

Dr. Carlin explained that he actually started as an art major in undergraduate. But he quickly realized that in order to achieve the success he wanted in the art space, he would need to move into art management rather than doing what he loved – working with his hands.  Nowadays, Dr. Carlin is in the art of creating healthy change in people’s lives through chiropractic care. 

​His specialty is working with patients that are seeking the health benefits of working with a chiropractor but are fearful of the cracks, pops, and twists that are synonymous with a visit to the chiropractor. 

What makes Evolution Chiropractic of Danbury Unique?

“I offer the potential of a full instrumental chiropractic adjustment so there will be no twisting, popping or cracking of the spine and this allows people that are fearful of seeing a chiropractor an open door to the  numerous health benefits of regular treatment”

We were very impressed because this form of chiropractic treatment is relatively unknown in the industry (at least to our knowledge).

​”90% of my patient base opts for full instrumental adjustments”

evolution chiropractic clinic

If a person was to choose between Evolution Chiropractic and 3 other Chiropractic Offices in Danbury – why choose you?

This question is possibly our favorite question at The Danbury Review because it truly separates the professionals from the pseudo-professionals.  Over the years we’ve asked many so-called professionals this question and they fell into the trap of bad-mouthing their competition.  Dr. Carlin did not fall for our trap!

“Every chiropractor is great, but when you come to this office – you’re part of the family.  There’s no pressure, no upsell, and instead, there’s a frank conversation, easy communication and there’s always an explanation.  We also do our best to work with most insurance carriers.”

Wrapping things up with Evolution Chiropractic

Evolution Chiropractic is located in Danbury and serves Greater Danbury residents including the neighboring towns of Bethel, Brookfield, New Fairfield and Newtown.

Evolution Chiropractic of Danbury
19 Padanaram Rd. Suite 202
Danbury, CT 06811
Phone: (203) 830-3003

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